Stepan Ryabchenko

Project author, chief curator

Stepan Ryabchenko is a Ukrainian artist, architect, one of the prominent representatives of digital and new media art. His work spans conceptual architecture, sculpture and light installations. The focus of his attention is the boundary between the real and virtual world and the research of the new nature of art. In his artwork, the artist creates his own digital universe with its heroes and mythology. Well-known for his monumental prints and video-art installations of non-existent characters, including Computer viruses, Electronic winds, Virtual flowers, etc.
Stepan Ryabchenko’s works have been widely exhibited internationally, including the exhibition in Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Saatchi Gallery in London, Krolikarnia in Warsaw, Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, Silkeborg Bad Art Centre in Silkeborg, etc. His works have also been exhibited in many places in Ukraine, including PinchukArtCentre, Mystetskyi Arsenal, National Art Museum, M17 Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Modern Art Research Institute, etc.

Sergey Ryabchenko

Creative Designer, Visual Identity Designer

Sergey Ryabchenko is the Ukrainian visual and sound artist. Lives and works in Odessa. Creative director of the Art Laboratory creative association. Author of the Strange Time creative site, the official trailer of the project and the musical accompaniment.

Christian Kortegaard Madsen

Consultant curator

Christian Kortegaard Madsen is a Danish curator based in Aarhus, Denmark. While being consulting curator on Strange Time C. currently holds a position as curator at the internationally renowned Museum Jorn. Further C. is a board member at The Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts.
Having experience working with a wide spectrum of both historical and contemporary art, C. currently is working with experimental and critical art, which challenges institutions, beliefs and conventions. On that note C. has been doing research in the fields of psychoanalysis, phenomenology, critical theory and semiotics. C. has curated several exhibitions in Denmark and abroad and has published a number of articles and books about art. C. recently curated the show Art Strikes Back at the Museum Jorn featuring artists such as Banksy, Ai Weiwei, Paul McCarthy, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Superflex, Barbara Kruger, Asger Jorn and Marcel Duchamp.

Viktoria Kim

Project manager

Journalist and editor of Esquire and Forbes in the past, Viktoria Kim is currently working as Associate director of development for the Ukrainian Book Institute. V. participates in a number of international projects focused on the presentation of Ukraine and Ukrainian literature at book fairs in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Bologna.

V. joined the project for the sheer love of art. In the Strange Time project, V. has been instrumental in communications and marketing. “This is an exciting time for all of us, so let’s take the best of it,” Kim says.

Vera Ryabchenko

Project coordinator, translator

Vera Ryabchenko is currently working as a Project manager of the Art Laboratory Creative Association. ‘We are on the verge of something completely new, a little intimidating, but more exciting and intriguing. For me, this time has become one of the most interesting and memorable. I don’t know what could be better than being in a circle of creativity at this Strange Time and contributing to such an amazing project ‘ Vera says.

Ramsey Brown


As a Systems Engineer, Ramsey has spent his career developing and designing virtual workspaces. Before that, he studied History, Anthropology and English at Evergreen State College in Washington, USA.
He joined Strange Times to assist in the English translation of the site in order to be a part of this wonderful project.