Vasiliy Tsagolov
Born 1957 in Digora, Russia
© Photo from the artist's archive

Vasiliy Tsagolov is one of the main figures in contemporary Ukrainian art. The artist tasks himself to challenge of being relevant and accurately anticipating the changes that will occur in society. His works are characterized by clip aesthetics, using typical characters and a combination of plans that creates the illusion of film editing, as well as a study of the mythology of mass culture, an acute socio-political orientation with a dash of dark humor.

"Six months have passed since we were sent one after another into some kind of dislocation of space and time, into some kind of anomalous reality - into a vacuum. An artist cannot do anything with this. Now everyone is on his own. Of the collective, only the unconscious was left to us. For an ordinary person, this is probably unbearable, for the artist, in the order of things. We used to be on our own and were “abnormal,” so nothing new happened to us."

Vasiliy Tsagolov
Kyiv, Ukraine. May 1, 2020

The Carpathian portal. from the Ukrainian X-Files series (2018 – 2020)

185 x 225 cm, oil on canvas

Artist and Model (2017–2018)

200 x 370 cm, oil on canvas

Untitled (2008)

280 x 360 cm, oil on canvas