Richie Culver
Born 1979 in Withernsea, United Kingdom
© Photo from the artist's archive

Richie Culver is a British contemporary artist who grew up in the north east of England in the city of Hull. Richie is proud of his northern heritage and takes a great deal of inspiration from his time growing up in hull, which can clearly be seen in his work. Richie’s work tells stories from his own past experiences and observations from the working class that surrounded him during his youth. Richie’s portfolio is extensive and made up of a combination of photography, large paintings on canvas and sculptures. His paintings are more often than not created using a lick of white paint to set the background. He then paints figures of humans and animals, in a scene, telling a story using a sketchy and abstract style. Each painting adopts Richie’s humorous and sarcastic nature. poking fun at his own life, British politics and stereotypes in society.

"I think it is strange times for sure."

Richie Culver
London, United Kingdom. April 19, 2020

GOD (2020)

170 x 140 cm, acrylic on canvas

Untitled (2019)

dimensions variable, acrylic and sports shoes on canvas

Block A (2019)

dimensions variable, cement and sports shoe

Block C (2019)

dimensions variable, cement and sports shoe

Range Finder (2019)

dimensions variable, powder coated steel piping and toilet roll

#4 Cum Yet (2019)

160 x 130 cm, latex print and acrylic on canvas