Paulo Arraiano
Born 1977 in Cascais, Portugal
© Photo from the artist's archive

The work of multimedia artist Paulo Arraiano draws an eclectic and interdisciplinary range of influences and references. With studies in linguistics, philosophy, communication and visual arts under his belt, packed in next to his professional experiences working in art direction, as well as the fashion and music industries, Paulo now cultivates a research-based practice of making visual, installation-based and digital works which merge both synthetic and natural elements.
The artist works between a triangle of body-landscape-technology. Or, in more detailed terms Arraiano’s interested in the concepts of transhumanism, ecology, climate change, the Anthropocene and other aspects related to a moment in time where human existence and landscapes are transforming on our own actions and a new paradigm is being created. Visual artworks most of the time as a visual seismograph, so he’s interested in raising visual and conceptual questions regarding this present age of technologic and biologic exponential change and sensorial revolution, where magic is becoming science fact.

"...This situation is a reflection of anthropocentrism, humankind is facing the effects of the Anthropocene, of the lack of concern with others and with this planet and, it’s a simple reaction to such continuous aggression. Nature takes over and keeps growing out there. Regenerating, taking care of itself. We are all part of this historic moment when we all have an active role in taking care of ourselves, of others, and of this incredible living being that we inhabit. Time to respect ourselves, others, species, plants, time... Time for Kairos. And, on the contrary of what has been demanded - to act - now is the time to Practice *The Art of Standing Still. Taking deeply care of yourself, others, and the ecosystem. That is the appeal of this organism, to rethink beyond our navel, our economic system, the systems that we were culturally educated, or even forced to follow. Conditions or experiences are not discussed here, but survival. Our species is threatened as a result of its own actions to ourselves and to this planet. And we either ignore to the point of having to isolate ourselves and take drastic measures worthy of a sci-fi movie or even face the extinction of our species or we come together with this living organism and transform, stop, reconnect and alternate the paradigm in which our lives have based on. In this period we are already facing the results of this new paradigm… the need to stop…less consumerism, being home with the ones we love, less pollution, more time to think, read, meditate, more attention and respect to our body and our immunity system, more attention to the ones we love, more respect to touch…"

Paulo Arraiano
Lisbon, Portugal. April 9, 2020

Sensorial Divinities (An Essay on Digital Immortality) (2019)

Full HD video, sound

Google is our memory
A place where we shall decide what is machine and whats human…
Supercomputers… used as external Prosthesis that guide us and control our daily existence…
Leading us into a techno-dematerialisation lifestyle… in future they will integrate our physical body, minds, thoughts…
Swiping reality… scrolling trough daily life… we are experiencing an age of a technologic and biologic exponential change…
A new sensorial revolution…
An artificial way of connecting / disconnecting with the natural world…
Interacting through analogic and electronic signals, guided by information that travels throughout satellites,
orbit bodies, created by man that, directly via mobile protheses, act as new divinities controlling via GPS data our daily life performance….
AI awakening…
This body as well as landscape as a playground for atoms and molecules will transform into a new physical and even spiritual paradigm…
Possibility of an existence of new hybrid species or biological based machines…
recording… sending memories… sensations using every day cognitive augmented intelligence.
Transforming society and reality as we know it in the present moment, we are spectators of a precise moment where fiction,
Magic are becoming science facts. The arrival of internet of things…
As technology grows more dominant the universal ambition of humanity remains… greater intelligence….
No other attribute is so desirable…
No other so useful..
Here… and on any world we can imagine….
Soon the only thing holding us back will be ourselves….
Our bodies, our brains, and the machines around us may all one day merge, into a single massive communal intelligence.
DNA Revolution, Artificial intelligence; Augmented intelligence; biotech; nanotech… cyborgism, trashumanism..
Connectome… mapping… digitalizing the Human Brain…
building a network map for our thoughts… images… ideas creating a Library of Souls towards the possibility of Digital Immortality.

Shall We Dance… (2020)

Full HD video, sound

Hi baby!!!! Didn’t notice that you were here…!
Well, still online… downloading emotions while having a cold drink.
Shall I turn on the camera? Shall I? Shall we dance? 😉
To be truly honest, today I feel somehow,… Kinda disconnected from the Cloud…
(Did I pay this month? Did I?)
And you baby? How do you feel today? Any news? Any new followers?
New stories? How was it? I feel like a complete mess, really!
A lot of stuff happening at the same time. Trying to get it together but need more time. Have
to finish a few other things today.
My mind… A mess… Totally floating. Just needed to catch up. To be honest just needed some grounding. You do that to me. Really. Still completely stuck in this hermetic idea of going on a VR trip somewhere. I’m a cliché, right? Well… just being me. Why shall I judge myself all the time… Just a bland little drama… Anyway…
Shall I turn on the camera? Shall I?
If I only had enough emojis to express the way I feel about you… I feel…
You know me so well by now, but… Feel so changed… Really. Been swiping relationships, scrolling reality, and then suddenly… U.
Not even upgraded Tinder anymore. Well… don’t judge me… just being myself.
Well, have to refill this cold drink while listening to this stupid suggested playlist. Why don’t I
But still feel like dancing ;), don’t you? Shall I turn on the camera? Always loose Wi-Fi while
looking at you…
By the way… Have you checked that article I sent you? The one, about the 10 most…incredible lists, right? Top reviews and all… Best literature ever!! Can you imagine… Doing it together… Because sometimes it gets so boring that not even I can tolerate this and have to try to find something more interesting to do… scroll my way out of this, you know?
By the way… Checked your tweets yesterday, truly captures who you really are. You have such a nice way of putting things… so deep… so authentic and spontaneous.
It really made my day.
Oh, Sorry, F**k Baby no battery…, wait…one second… S**t, really can’t find it.Well have to
shut down, see you tomorrow right? Same time,same place? Lov U Baby…