Nik Ramage
Born 1970 in London, United Kingdom
© Photo from the artist's archive

Nik Ramage is a British contemporary kinetic artist. Through an amalgamation of arbitrary objects, he creates surrealistic machines that have little plausible utility. Some have a use while others are more or less nonfunctional. They are assembled from found objects, scrap and steel. Each work embraces paradox and absurdity; they seem absurd with their eccentricity and quirks, but they run by their own rational logic.

"A tiny, new organism is spreading across the world and is changing all human behavior. Currently, the best we can do is keep apart from one another, changing social interactions and therefore society. For most of us, our lives are frozen, other parts slowed, while nature keeps happening. Society paused. Lots of artists work in solitude in normal times anyway. They are used to an active inner life, which is handy when outer life closes down. There are new digital ways for creativity to spread across our frozen society that can be used to remind us of life before Strange Time, and hopefully provide some solace by providing ways of processing the situation and looking forward to the freedoms we will enjoy again soon. Such an all-pervading situation can’t help but put a filter on works made before and ones made now. Interpretations that just weren’t available before. These three works were made before but now resonate in the current times."

Nik Ramage
London, United Kingdom. April 17, 2020

Sphere (2019)

70 x 69 x 68 cm, oak, castors. From the Colección SOLO

Breathe (2015)

84 x 50 x 40 cm, steel, motor, drill, hot-water bottle

Brick (1996)

21 x 20 x 10 cm, wood, motor, steel, brick. From the Colección SOLO