Born 1983 in Tübingen and 1989 in Wimbern, Germany
© Photo from the artist's archive

The artist duo lom-of-LaMa reflects forms of collective existence in physical and virtual environments. In objects, installations, and performances they develop visualizations and models of mutual perception, communication and corporeality. Through a permanent correlation between each other, their work forms the essence of a ‘Shared Self’.

"if sense synchronizes

we are each other’s space

and face and matter

for mutual projections of the immaterial.

skin on skin transpires over

to self and fiction

into the shell of another

reflection of many realities."

Dortmund, Germany. May 2, 2020

Shareholder (2020)

127 х 59 х 110 cm, modified shopping carts

Me (2019)

100 x 100 cm, steelframed fine art print

Relationship system (2019)

158 x 101 x 100 cm, interactive sculpture

Coupled corporeality (2019)

28 x 19 x 9 cm, interactive object

Coupled corporeality (2019)


With the performance “Coupled Corporeality”, the artist duo lom-of-LaMa dedicates itself to the exploration of collectivity and intercorporality in analog and virtual environments and invites the audience to question the perception of inner and outer world, distance and intimacy, as well as physical and psychological presence within simultaneous realities.