Jofroi Amaral
Born 1977 in Brussels, Belgium
© Photo from the artist's archive

Jofroi Amaral experiments with a wide variety of materials. He questions painting and studies human actions. His interest lies in rituals and the development and structure of myths and pagan philosophies. He paints, for instance, with plants, human bodies, stones, and other objects on canvas. These objects bear traces of an almost ritual, very physical process or an initiation. However, these attempts to paint with items are also acts of failure, since most of them are not suitable as a “brush”. Thus, the works bear traces of an authentic experience by the artist. For Jofroi Amaral, the process and the human/artistic experience are no less important than the aesthetic result.

"It’s interesting to see how mass medias can distort the world and build new paradigms. Death is no longer part of our societies. We need to hide it at any price."

Jofroi Amaral
Brussels, Belgium. May 7, 2020

Black form on a flower field (2019)

300 x 230 cm, painting on loose textile

Blue Fox (2016)

160 x 190 cm, painting on canvas / 36 x 33 x 53 cm, painting on fox

Chromatic Jungle (2016)

installation, group of several paintings done with plants, objects, photographies and plants

Yucca Blue (2016)

painting performance