Giulio Malinverni
Born 1994 in Vercelli, Italy
© Photo from the artist's archive

Giulio Malinverni obtained the title of Restoration Technician of frescoes and stone material at the Veneto Institute for Cultural Heritage in Venice. The coexistence of different places, landscapes, and situations within a single painting suggest a polysemy of meanings, linked to the mood and sensations we are all experiencing in this historical period. Through doors, windows and other openings you see other places and lights that burst with the dialogue of everyday life within deserted cities and go metaphysically to suggest the right way for the “New Renaissance” to come.

"My thoughts and my work during this quarantine are strictly linked to the historical period that the whole world population is experiencing –"The Strange Time". By reflecting a lot on my work and exploiting this time in a productive way, I am creating paintings that want to allude to a "new Renaissance", because I believe that after all this situation there will be a great need."

Giulio Malinverni
Venezia, Italy. March 29, 2020

The Sower (2020)

23 x 31 cm, tempera on paper mounted on canvas

Eggs in Purgatory (2020)

23 x 31 cm, tempera on paper mounted on canvas

Spring Fur (2019)

150 x 200 cm, tempera and oil on canvas

The Shadow of the Beating (2019)

214 x 348 cm, oil on canvas

Pareidolia (2019)

200 x 250 cm, oil on canvas

McLeod (2019)

50 x 35 cm, tempera on canvas