Fernando Moletta
Born 1994, Curitiba, Brazil
© Photo from the artist's archive

Fernando Moletta is a Brazilian artist, architect and city planner. His line of artistic research has roots in the history of modernism in architecture, deepening the relationship between society and the urban world in the confrontation of modernist utopias with the current orientation and instrumentalization of human actions, consumption and the boundaries between leisure and work.

"We are just a bunch of scared primates. Scared to death of being alone, and the lonely world we ended up building". With this sentence, in a way, I believe that the body was the object of removal from the illuminated sphere of modernity. The cult of reason and intelligence, which was the foundation of capitalist development, marginalized and sanitized the conscience of our corporeality, our mortality, and our impermanence. We move from disciplinary society to the civilization of individualistic self-control without any psychic infrastructure. The rise of depression, mental illness, physical and mental fatigue are some of the causes of the current foggy and oscillating period between apathy, anesthesia, transparency, post-truth, torment, endless work-fun, euphoria and fervor"

Fernando Moletta
Curitiba, Brazil. April 1, 2020

Supersonic (2020)

30 x 42 cm, fine art print

Same Feelings (2020)

42 x 30 cm, fine art print

I give you money, you give me ideas (2019)

160 x 50 x 50 cm, installation, concrete blocks, office chair and book

Brasilia won’t let me get tired (2019)

38 x 70 x 20 cm, hanging folder, book clipping, flower, water and steel