Felix Schramm
Born 1970 in Hamburg, Germany
© Photo from the artist's archive

German artist Felix Schramm creates the illusion of architecture gone awry. Made from drywall, paint, steel frames, and wood, his site-specific installations resemble the aftermath of disaster inside the gallery, where the delineations between the work and the institution’s architecture are difficult to discern. His twisted, splintered fragments of structural forms — walls, ceilings, floors — burst from the building’s framework at dramatic angles, producing large-scale works that seem at once threatening and fragile.

"Stranges Times are good times. Sometimes we have the possibility to observe our circumstances in a new light.

The current pandemic gives us the opportunity to reflect on the things that surround us. In this moment ossified structures in society can be analyzed and changed.

In my opinion, art should be subversive. I try to work according to the principle of disruption — a disruption of known structures and also of existing conventions. This is a subversive act that enables new perspectives, dialogues and views."

Felix Schramm
Düsseldorf, Germany. May 7, 2020

Dark Site #30 (2020)

200 x 150 x 5 cm, dust, silverleaf, acrilic

Dark Site #15 (2020)

130 x 100 x 5 cm, dust, silverleaf, acrilic

Transom (2019)

4,6 x 4,3 x 5,7 m, plasterboard, wood, color

Accumulated (Encounter) (2015)

176 x 50 x 50 cm, glass, epoxy resin, filler paste, plaster, wax, plasterboard, paint, wood, synthetic moss, synthetic turf

Savage Salvage (2008)

7 x 9 x 35 m, plasterboard, wood, metal, colours

Untitled (2007)

3,5 x 4.5 x 6 m, plasterboard, wood, metal, colours