Andriy Sagaidakovsky
Born 1957 in Lviv, Ukraine
© Photo from the artist's archive

Andrei Sagaidakovsky defines his process of painting with the word “soil”. This method he was partially prompted by the medium, that he is still working with – the carpets. Using old canvases, torn fabrics for his work, the carpet in the end became for him the foundation for the embodiment of his artistic ideas. In the late 1980s, when Sagaidakovsky began his work, there was a crisis with work materials and he did not have access to artistic materials since he was not a member of the Union of Artists. Additionally, the economic crisis of the 1990s also made the artist to search for the alternative materials – they happened to be the carpets, which became a recognizable feature of his works. The scenes of Sagaidakovsky’s paintings are mainly described by art historians as “the truth of life.”

"Each generation lives in strange times. If you don’t notice it, then you are thoughtless. I have to admit that the perception of every strange time differs for different generations. No matter what generation you belong to, if you are bored of living, there is nothing to do with it."

Andriy Sagaidakovsky
Lviv, Ukraine. April 24, 2020

Where are you? (2013)

150 х 200 cm, mixed media on carpet

Landscape (2008)

200 х 150 cm, oil on carpet

From the Anatomy studies series (late 1980s)

oil, chalk and mixed technique on canvas